Turn Signal Problems

I recently replaced the stock turn signals with some from acerbis on the front and rear and now they blink really fast, I was thinking that it might need a different flasher with the different size of light's. Does that sound right or am I way off ? Thanks for any help.

are they led type signals?

no, they are regular bulb's just alot smaller than stock.

It could be the bulb. The guy I just bought my bike from showed me that he had some after market signals on the back, one bulb burned out and he replaced it, but with the wrong bulb, so that side flashes quickly as the electronics think a bulb is out so they blink fast to tell you.

when I switched the bulbs, then the first side was fine and the other side now with the 'wrong' bulb flashed quickly,

so now all I have to do is find that bulb and buy a dozen of the dang things.

(so far I am zero for three trys to find anyone who carrys it)

you need to increase the resistance of the signals to make the stock relay modulate correctly.you can do this by adding a load resistor wired in parallel for each side of the bike.one for l side and one for r side,or you could wire a phantom 194 bulb hidden behind the headlight to add enough resistance to the circuit.

a cleaner way to do it is to by-pass the stock turn signal relay behind the headlight and install an electronic led flasher relay.choose one that is a no-load type or load independent.they will work with regular signal bulbs as well.

the one i use is marketed by superbrightleds.com and is model FL2-RED.it modulates the signals at about 80 flashes per min.there's only the 2 wires from the stock relay to hook up for the system to work.


Thanks, that makes sense. When I put them on they would blink slowly when I touched my test light to the connection and the test light also blinked. I will give that relay a try. Thank's again:thumbsup:

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