Fuel range on 09 TE 450

Has anyone found out how far a de-restricted 09 TE 450 will go once the fuel light comes on. I'm just after a rough idea without having to run it dry myself. Rode the bike for the first time yesterday in anger, (did 23 km of asphalt for a little run in prior), and only got 52 km before the light came on for the first time. The tank was only about 1.5 litres down from full when i started. I'm hoping the reserve is conservative so it's got a little bit of fuel range.


from my observations it's pretty pesimistic, The light comes on with about 1/4 remaining, but depending on the ride too. If it has been at a motocross track the light can come on at near empty or 3/4 full because of the fuel sloshing about. I don't really trust it to much but I try not to ride to far from home.

For reference, I did a charity ride along nice easy 4wd tracks and a bit of road and got 100km's before the light came on.

Can't speak for the 09, but FWIW I have an 08 and I notice that the fuel light seems inconsistent. I feel like it's been on when I was really low, and other times I feel like I had a significant amount of fuel left (both times I tried to get as level as possible when checking). Generally my bike's fuel economy I believe is much worse than my friend's 2006 WR450, for example. I worry on any trip that seems like it'll be long so I bring a few 1.5L fuel bottles.

Long time no ride...Luke...where have you been hiding?

Brian (BTC) did the fuel pump secure MOD to my tank just to make sure the fuel pick-up doesn't move up. I went on a spirited ride and ran out of gas on a stock tank at 65 miles...not bad! I can't wait to be "ON IT" and see what kind of mileage I get, but assume it will be around the usual 45'ish range when WOT a lot.

fittness2go it has been a while, just been riding the husky as many weekends as i can. was thinking of maybe doing reiter on friday with a couple people, lmk if ur interested.

For what its worth - I get 110 to 130 KM per stock tank, including on board reserve prior to running out of fuel.

I carry 2 x 1.5L bottles plus two MSR 3L bladders slung externally across the tank (Total carry on = 9L) for any extended rides. That translates into an extended range of around 240 km.

wingfooted what type of riding do you do? Do you have the 02 sensor removed and the aftermarket pipe on?

wingfooted what type of riding do you do? Do you have the 02 sensor removed and the aftermarket pipe on?

The Owyhees of SE Oregon are out my backdoor. So desert, mostly dirt roads and double track.

Its not racing, more like adventure riding.

I had the full PU kit installed on purchase by Bend Euro Motors.

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