Idle srew help

my 92 kx250 will not idle i have turned the idle srew and it does nothing nor does the slider ajustment what could be wrong when idleing you can barley hear it

Most likely the air screw setting or pilot jet is too rich.

Make sure the carb is clean, and the reeds are in good condition. Cracked or worn reeds will make the jetting extremely rich and the bike will never run correctly at any rpm or throttle opening until they are replaced.

Is the air filter clean?

With the bike fully warmed up, turn the air screw in until it bottoms (don't tighten it or you will damage the internal passage in the carb body). Turn it out 1.5 turns and start the bike. If the bike won't idle, slowly open the air screw until it can sustain an idle. If you are more than 2.5 turns from closed, the pilot jet is too rich. Go down a size on the pilot jet and repeat this procedure. If the pilot jet is sized correctly, you should achieve the fastest idle with the air screw set between 1 and 2.5 turns out from fully closed.

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