Terra Firma 2 and Crusty Demons of Dirt videos

Terra Firma 2 and Crusty Demons of Dirt (The original one) videos

Does anybody have the soundtrack list of songs and artists from these two videos (or point me to a link)? I've been searching the web with no luck. I'd like to buy most of the songs on iTunes if I can figure out what they are.


I am not sure if you have the tapes, but they list the songs at the end of it...that's how I got some of them :worthy:

I don't have them all but pm me if you need the list of the few that I have.

ive got the crusty ones at the house, ill post them up tomorrow when i get back


Also sent a PM to CRfofiddyF.

I did, it lists the artists, but not what songs.


I pmd you:thumbsup:

Thanks! :worthy:

yea i didnt post cause i realized i only have crusty 2

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