Vector Intall and some other goodies

Alright guys, I got some parts in and was got them mounted up. My bike is a bit more dirt and street ready. I got rid of my ugly front and rear flashers. I put the Zeta handguard flashers on, and some small smoked out ones on the rear that I got a cycle gear.

I added some Zeta shorty levers.

Added a Vector computer so I have engine temp and speedo with both sets of wheels. I used the back side of my battery box that I had to cut so I could fit the bigger battery in and used it to mount the Vector and the indicator lights. I had to bolt the speedo cable to the left side lower fork guard. It was too far away to pickup the magnet with it screwed to the caliper.

Add fat pegs and a longer gear shift. Also added some Unibiker rad guards. So I am much more street and dirt ready







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