xr250 electric start

i know its been done on the xr400's using quad parts, i'm just wondering how similar an older honda trx250 engine would be to a 1999 xr250, i've searched a bit but am not having any luck finding out much info...

i know its not really "worth" it but i'm curious to find out if its possible and might be a fun challange/project

thanks all

Would you at the very least need a battery for this? What year is your bike?

Isn't the 400 slightly taller? Can't you just pinch the ideas for the 400 and use them on the 250?

yes i would have to add a battery, and wiring for this to work, but i'm more looking for info on parts such as from the trx300, the engines visually appear very similar, but will the left side stator cover bolt onto the xr250 motor?? if so then i need to see if the flywheel/starter gear assy will work together,

i'm hoping to find if anyone has looked deeply into the mechanicals of this. i know with the xr400 it requires some serious work, such as crank and sidecase swapping, which i don't want to get into.


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