need help with jetting after hc stage 2 install?

just finished putting in a hc stage 2 on my 06 mods are fmf 4.1 with the megabomb header,twin air powerflow kit,and jetted jetting is 42 pilot,stock clip on needle and 165 more thing is the leak jet is a 48 instead of the 55.the problem in having is the bike is popping when i let of the gas into a corner.if i change my pilot will that eefect the rest of my stting.also do i have to add more fuel cause of the stage 2 cam.and with this cam can i still rev my bike like i normally do and not have to worry about anything.forgot to mention that i have rons ferrea valve components.thanks

thanks for the fast reply but will i have to rejet any other part of the carb cause of the cam profile?i just don't want to hurt my engine in any way.also will it loose much bottom end and will i still beable to rid it as hard as before.thanks

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