2002 CR250 Kickstart Hitting Foot Peg

I just bought a 2002 cr250 and have decided it is all new all time favorite bike very well designed but the person who i bought it from had added ims foot pegs and the kick start actually hits in the middle of the peg and the peg is eating up the aluminum kick start was wondering if it is just the foot pegs or is that just the right side drive draw backs?????

thanks matt

huskys rock

every bike ive ever owned does this, its how they are. if your that worried about it dont kick it all the way to the peg.

You could always wrap the the kickstart with some heater hose, and tape over it like my buddy has with his yam wr 400 it seems to work ok.

My 02 cr250 does the same thing. Right now, I'm not too worried about it. Maybe I'll do something if I see it starting to get chewed up.

My 2002 CR 250 does the same thing. It seems to be a generic problem. I usually don't kick it all the way down.

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