Vlave clearances?

Hi To All;

BIKE: 1994 DR350SE, stage 2 dynojet kit with opened air box, K&N and supertrapp muffler.

Just gave my bike a late spring service (seen a lot of action already this year) part of which was checking my valve clearances. The clearances were on the high end of the acceptable limit (according to my clymer manual) so I tightened them up until I could just squeeze through the lowest reccomeneded feeler gauge clearance.

So I then fired up my bike and it feels different mainly between 4-5000 RPM, it's difficult to explain maybe a tiny loss in power - but definitely a different sound?

My question: if I have my clearances to small am I damaging anything as I think I may have them just a little too tight? Will the bike run lean or rich?

Any help would be much appreciated;



:worthy: Did you turn the crank one revolution and recheck before putting back together?if ok,then all is fine. to tight means the valve is held open a little and can lead to burnt valves-shorter engine life.on the looser side is a better,so are yours ok???:lol:

Within spec is within spec.

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