Short vid of stream crossing

Just a quick clip of the last stream crossing on 5hr single track ride.The bike ran awesome,it was a perfect day!

Good job...I liked that...


That looks an excellent place to ride, well done on the vid:ride:

Cool shit!

Nice , good job to not fall , wet rocks can be a bear sometimes. Is that a 250 , or 300 ? And what year ,man i`d love to get a 2 somke agian. Do the handle sand very well.

Thanks for the nice feed back:thumbsup:

The day I posted the vid I was so pumped from a great day single tracking.A 20 mile loop of rocks,mud,hill climbs, tight switchbacks and water crossings,I will do a better job in the near future to post more vids showing the scenery and the trail.

The wr125 has been a blast so far,what a bike!

I would have ATE it bad.... Nice Skill's !

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