longer pedals, bigger brake

I've been eyeballing the forums, and some online vendors...

I'm going to purchase a bike soon, and notice on all I've tried that they have teeny rear brake pedals, and the arms for the brake and clutch pedals are shorter than my big romper stompers would prefer.

Searching and reading here.... I'm not seeing a lot of options.

Are there options? or is it "tough cookies, Bigfoot?"

I think the real question is, How big of feet do you have?

I wear 13's and when I bought my 600 the previous owner had shortened (cut and rewelded) both the brake and shift levers by .5 inch. I bought another stock brake pedal off of Ebay but haven't yet gotten a stock shift lever yet because I found the shortened levers still work fine for me. The vertical movement on the end of the levers is less with shorter levers which is great for a guy like me who is still getting used to MX boosts that don't bend as much in the ankle.

i wear 13s too and its not a problem with either shifter or brake lever, it should be fine and just need some getting used to, better the way they are vs long and in the way when not using

Size 15 here. What I did was get some big foot pegs then cut up the R stock footpeg in order to use it as a brake pedal. Works a treat! I also extended the shifter by ~15mm, now I don't bump the shifter on accident while standing. Throw on some tall bars and the XR has pretty nice ergos.

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