Burn pattern pic's

Any input?




Looks like you are running too rich, or lugging a lot. Some carbon build-up but I've seen worse. How many hours?

I am a lugger, just spend about 3 hours in the single track where I never hit the pipe. As far as hour go I am unsure. I am going to do a top end and put a small hour meter on.

I also forgot that it was kinda warmer then we usually ride and the higher elevation of the stuff we ride. Or is this indication of a more long term jetting problem.

that looks real good to me if its got some time on it. Usually the head is black and the piston is 74% covered in carbon on a high hour motor, how does the skirt look on the exhaust side?

Had a few marks, none that I could feel, but otherwise prety clean. I bought the bike with 20h's "claimed" and I have probably put a 2000 mostly single track miles on it. Not sure how that would convert to hours. After the top end is replaced I am going to get a small hour meter.

looks good to me and probly doesnt need the top end done. Be sure to clean the PV while its apart.

PV was cleaned, I am going to do a top end because I am unsure of hours, I started hearing a strange noise after a trip to the dunes, I am also having the head done, and I kinda scratched things up (piston) while taking the stuff apart. Plus I am going to have some down time (broke my toe by droping bike and foot peg landed on pinky toe, its really hot, and I am stuck with the kids for several weekends while wife is in school for three weeks strait :worthy: ). Also I think its fun and I am leaning alot.

PS thanks for the help :lol:

Keep us posted dirtbeater.

Include pics when you can.

Since you're laid up for awhile...you may as well entertain us with your re-build reports!:worthy:


I need to get ahold of slavens for piston, rings, wristpin, wristpin bearing, o rings, and gasket. After I get it together I am going to get the squish and send him the head and some smashed solder :worthy::lol: :lol:

too much piston wash.that motor was quite rich for the conditions,left alot of power on the table.i suspect it maybe fine at your normal area and temp,there looks to be a old wash pattern that seems more reasonable.


I am getting my head done by Slavens, this should clean it up a bit?

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