New rings after 4 hours?

Well, I have blown 2 head gaskets within a matter of 4 hours of braking my motor in. I want to send the head and cylinder to a machine shop to check for warpage but am wondering if you guys that know what your talking about would recommend replacing the rings and re-honing the cylinder? Or should I just re-hone and let the rings break in again?

Were you the one who originally assembled the motor? Did you torque the head bolts properly? Are you cleaning the surfaces well before installing the new gaskets? As far as the rings go, any time the piston is removed from the cylinder it's a good idea to install a fresh set of rings and hone the cylinder for best performance.

If its done 4 hrs I would not bother with the rings as long as they are in spec. Did you use copper coat on the head gasket? All the big bore guys on here swear by it. You can check the head and barrel your self with a straight edge and a set of feeler gauges.


If the rings have been run then the piston is removed from the bore, you need to clean up the barrel (scotchbrite will be fine after only four hours unless you already own the hone) and replace the rings.

Why William just curious !


For the install, like I have always done I have torqued the head in the recommended criss cross pattern while starting at a low torque setting and moving up about 6 intervals until at the 27 ft. lbs of torque. I have tried copper coat, and a dry method. Both times I get a leak between the water jacket and the intake side of the cylinder. I did use the feeler gauge method around the head and cylinder and there was a obvious low spot where it was leaking.

Edit: And yes, I am the one who originally installed the new top end. Brand new Lukes Racing big bore kit with my newly rebuilt/ported head.

Why William just curious !


Rings take a 'set' to the barrel. If the piston is removed, it is near impossible to get them in the exact same positions. This can lead to loss of compression and oil consumption issues. Now, if the OP did reuse the rings, it is entirely possible he'd have no problem. But for the $20 ring cost (plus another head and base gasket if you take the chance and loose), it is not worth the risk.

If a barrel has to be removed, say to replace a leaking base gasket, do so and leave the piston in the barrel, beaing careful not to twist the piston in the bore. Then the rings can be reused.

Also, any time a wrist pin is removed REPLACE THE CIRCLIPS!!!!!!

I'm trying to get a hold of Luke's racing right now to get new rings and clips, I'm anal so I'm going to just go ahead and start fresh again.

i think that is a wise move at this point.

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