When to tell if the crank is bad or not

I took my crank out of the bike. The bike was making a terrible sound. Everything from the piston to the bearings looks great, no cracks, no shavings, oil looks black though. Well I took the crank out and while holding it in one hand, I put my hand on the rod and began to turn the crank. It turned, but I could feel a dud.dud.dud.dud. If I look at the crank and where the rod connects, I could see the brearing, but it doesn't look like a beaing, it just has slots in it, there are no little pins, like the piece for the piston. How do I know if this crank is shot or not?, It turns, but not buttery free. Should it?, its my first crank I have ever took out of my bike. Thanks

take some pictures...

If your already this far...buy a new crank and be done with it.

Your crank should turn free, and smooth. It sounds like it's bad.

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