00RM250 kicker jammed

00 RM250. The kick starter is stuck. It jammed almost to the end of the stroke. When I let up on it, I heard the ratcheting sound about 3 clicks, and tried to kick down. It was stuck there. Let up on the kicker, and now it is stuck on the top of the stroke. Any ideas as to what it could be?

Pull the spark plug and see if it moves without compression. If not, you'll need

to at least pull the clutch cover, water pump cover and cylinder to see

what's going on.

Could it be siezed???

Take off the cover and look as it could be something that just came lose like a circlip and jammed in there, now.

Or get out the impact wrench and run it till it turns and starts!

Remove the spark plug, put the bike in gear, and give 'er a push. Make sure the engine isn't siezed before taking things apart. It is very possible that the skirt was broken off, and jammed in the crank when you kicked it over. I've seen it before!

thanks. The motor moves, but before this it needed the top end done, low compression. Broken skirt makes sense in a way, happened to my CR500 (bought it that way). what makes this a little different is i took the case cover off and took the clutch apart and turned both sides and they both moved fine. Now im thinking because the bike was laying on its side, the skirt might have been out of the way. but after putting it back together, it kicked about 7 times before it jammed. Looks like the top end is comming off.

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