04 kx250 vs 02 cr250?

im trading in the yz250f for a two stroke, just because im looking to change it up a little and i have a lot of fun on two strokes..

the two bikes i could get right now are an 02 cr250 and an 04 kx250

which would be the better choice?

Probably go with the 04 just because it's newer and I'd imagine will have a slightly slimmer body and I like slim bikes. Just my opinion though.

As far as which brand is better... well... No opinion there. Obviously Honda's are nice but kawasaki makes good product as well.

What conditiona re they in? That would play a big role in it.

Oh and... why are you trading a 250f for a 250 2stroke straight across? I'd imagine you could get a newer 250 2stroke than your 4t. Not sure wat year ur 250f is though.

my 250f is an 03 and the cr im not going to make an even trade with. im going to just buy it off the guy for 1800 if i go that route. the 04 kx im going to make an even trade.

also the bikes are both in great condition.

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