Pit Bike trouble.

I am new to this site and i have been searching all freaking day to see if i can find an answer to my question. I have 2 Monster Joe pit bikes one works flawlessly and the other boggs down when the throttle is pulled hard and runs freaking hot. I had a guy look at it and he said that it is running lean. We tried playing with the fuel to air ratio and it seems like it isnt doing anything. Is something clogged in the carb or did it go bad, if so should i buy a name brand carb? If someone can help me out that would be awesome. Thanks in advance

pilot curcuit is either too small or an obstruction is in the pilot jet

Im pretty new at this. which one is the pilot curcuit? how do i go about unclogging it, cause when i took apart the carb the pilot jet i couldnt see anylight through it like i could the rest. I found this website should i follow what he says? http://oldmanhonda.com/MC/Rcarbs.html

this is the carb, it has a K stamped on the side of it.


I want to get this bike running, can someone help me out more.


Ok you got it man. Take some compressed air and blow all the passages and holes out really good, then install and try again.

saftey glasses and carb cleaner works good too

I got some carb cleaner and saftey glasses and went to work and thought i got it all cleaned out but it is still having the same issue. i think i am going to just buy a new carb. Should i get this keihin carb or mikulin. Im not really riding them hard just cruising on them? Thanks for the help



i just got a carb from my other pit bike that runs amazing and put it on to see if it was the carb and it isnt, it is staying bogged down so now i opened another can of worms, i have a extra motor lying around that i could use to rebuild or i could buy another brand new motor. any input would be much appreciated. thanks

Alright well theres a good chance this engine you have needs to have the vlaves set and possibly an ignition problem, try and swap electrical components and see what happens.

Chase, where are you located?

I live right at the mouth of parleys canyon. where are you at? i just want to get my two other bikes running. you think you can help me out? thanks much

Chase, where are you located?

Kelly, he's in Salt Lake, Holladay area... I've got the bike now, he went out of town for a while and got frustrated with it so I have that bike and a pulled apart motor in a box.

I can't get diagnosing anything because the bend in the neck of the carb doesn't fit under the frame? Where can I get a different bend on that??

ps hi chase...didn't know you were on here!!

and Chase, Kelly (trackstar1) can get you anything bike related you need (except MotoGP tickets that he gave away without telling me!!!) haha

haha thanks man, its good to know. lets hope this bike is running by the time i get back haha:thumbsup:

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