Ace 7/1

anyone going...i hope to go if it doesn't rain too much on Tuesday and if the rain holds off on Wednesday

cant do ride works all week unless my dad can take me.

I might be able to make it, hopefully it doesnt rain.

whats their practice schedule like?

Depends on how many people show up. It starts at 10:00 and from 10:00 to 1:00 it is anyone on the track whenever. But like i said if there is alot of people after 1:00 they will do expert,ameuature,novice,womens etc. in a specific order.

I will not be going on Wednesday as I have to work, but I will be racing on Sunday. I have ridden there enough lately that I feel really comfortable, so I will just go out on Sunday and take my 4-5 laps. You guys have fun, whoever goes. Let me know if they make any changes.

I am considering going, as well.

what days do they run?

just the wed before their sunday event.


I really wanna go, but my dad works all week so probably wont happen

I don't know what it did on the other side of the mountain, but I live 30 minutes from Ace and it poured from about 1:30pm to 8:00pm pretty steady. Last time it was like this, they cancelled a race. Whoever is going should double check their website before they go in the morning.

will there be a track condition report on the site, or just say if it's cancelled or not ike?

this might sound weird...but for anyone who is going there any chance cud i have your number to get the track condition currently servicing my forks and need to continue 2morro morning...and i would appreciate if someone can give me the heads up so i dont have to rush myself and screw something up

will there be a track condition report on the site, or just say if it's cancelled or not ike?

I have never seen track conditions posted on their site, only whether something is cancelled or not.

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