shifter leak??

i have drz400sm and so after riding one day i noticed a significant amount of oil coming from the shifter (i think), so i figured the seal went bad. so now i have been trying to get the seal out, but cant (i got the c-clip off then thats it). i am now trying to take the clutch out so i can just pull the shifter shaft out, then get the seal out (is that possible?). but i now cant figure out how to take the clutch basket out, i got the nut off but it doesnt pull out all the way!!! also if i do pull the clutch basket out, will i need a new seal for that to? any info would be great thanks.

It's more likely that the oil is coming from the countershaft seal behind the front sprocket.

just checked it looks to be dry just under countershaft seal

jus grease build up no fresh oil (countershaft seal) thanks tho

anybody got anything on the clutch basket part (its stuck). do i take anything else off after i get that nut off? i mean the basket slides on the shaft but stops at a certain point!!

Once the large nut on the clutch hub is removed, the hub and basket will slip out. It may require a little wiggling, due to all the various gears that mesh into it.

am i missing something? i still cant get it off. it slides on the shaft but stops like the basket is either hitting the engine case itself or something is holding it on at the center of the basket. anybody got ideas????????

You do have both the clutch derby and the side cover removed, right?

i have the right side engine case cover removed (held on by 8mm bolts). not sure what a clutch derby is?

you need to take the entire right side cover off.

i jus realized that maybe i need to take the whole side cover off and not just the clutch cover, is that what it is?

its gtta be the seal around the shifter shaft, or a cracked case:(

oh i jus missed eddie's post sorry. im going to do that and see what happens


i hope its not a cracked case but i will look after i get all the oil cleaned off thanks

yea, good luck lets hope its a seal or gasket!!!

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