05 crf230 neutral start?

My moms just learning to ride and my dad bought her a 230. It's an 05 crf 230. The first thing I noticed when I rode it was that you can only start the bike in neutral. As you all know or can imagine that makes it very hard for a beginer if shes stalls on a hill. I would like to fix this for her , can anyone give me any info on how.

There should be two wires on the mount for the clutch lever. they must be connected to the switch in the clutch lever mount. Mine have came off several times,or the switch may have gone bad. You can check it by jumping the two wires together then put it in gear pull the clutch in and see if it starts. Hope this helps!

Something sounds wrong there. I have a 2005 230F and I can start it in first. Don't mean to insult but is the clutch handle depressed?

It's the wires or the switch, should start in gear.

Definitely the wires, I've had mine set up before so that I could start it in first without the lever even being pulled in, being toothed down was never so much fun:busted:

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