Dual Sport Mirror

I just made my 99 wr400 street legal. :) Does anyone have a suggestion for a good mirror? :D I bought an acerbis mirror and it is awful :D

Get a low-profile Dual-Star mirror from http://www.fourstrokesonly.com/index1.html they don't vibrate hardly at all, you can actually see out of it, and it doesn't get in the way at all. :) Cheap too. :D

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Buy one of those cheap universal mount mirrors. If it comes with a long shaft cut it down to about 3 inches. Mount the mirror way in on your handle bar, about where the crossbar attaches. Mount the mirror about level with the bar. To use it lift your arm slightly and look under your arm. It works really well, you'd be surprised. I've had one mounted on my WR for 4 years, crashed a hundred times, hit trees, never broke it yet.

I replaced the back of the clutch and brake perch with screw in mirror adaptors from Dennis Kirk. Then I put some screw in foldaway mirrors on. They sell them in Dennis Kirk as well. You can use a wrench to set the tension on the foldaway so they down't fold in the wind from riding highway, but you can tuck them right out of the way when you hit the trail.


If your state allows it, put a "Bug Eyes" on your helmet. A little stick on adjustable mirror. Works good, no vibration, have never knocked it off.

I second the recommendation for www.dual-star.com the Dual Star mirror. It is very effective, small, out-of-the-way and always useable, i.e. you don't have to fold it up when you're on the trail.

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I use the Acerbis mirror also. I agree its worthless because of the vibrations. But all it has to do is look legal. Nowere in the rules does it say that you have to be able to see outa the mirror. I just do a quick headcheck.

I have to disagree. I only put my mirrors on to be "legal", but if you are going any distance at all to your riding spot, a decent mirror is a must. You can't hear squat while riding a dirt bike to know if cars are coming up behind you or alongside. It takes a pretty decent swing of the cranium to check six with a motocross helmet on, and the time it takes to look back should be spent looking at the road ahead. Most of us don't ride the street unless we have to, and that means we aren't proficient street riders. While street riding is easy compared to the challenges offroad, the mistakes are a lot more costly. It only takes a second to remove a real mirror, or fold away a decent working one once you hit the dirt. If we start getting killed left and right because of faulty equipment, you can bet some liberal moron will start passing laws that make it even more difficult to get our dirtbikes street legal. Take the tiny bit of time and money and get something that works. my $.02


Usually the only reason that im on the road is because the trail has lead me there. And even then I dont ride the road for long.

I have a katana 600 if I want to ride the road.

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