First Ride 09 Te510

So i went camping this weekend to try out the new bike. It was very hot 105f but i sucked it, up and went on a 55 mile ride. Over all im very satisfied with the bike. It didn't overheat much, There was a little bit of fluid in the reservoir but not much. My biggest complaint was the handlebar shake. going fast either dirt or pavement the handlebars move alot. It gets kinda scary. Has anyone experienced this? In know there is the steering stabilizers but the cost is to high.

Could it be the front tire needs balancing? Or triple clamp adjustments?

I can only talk from an experience i had last year. I rode an 08 TE 450 and once the rear shock got hot it would lose alot of it's rebound damping. After hitting an unseen rock in the grass at speed it kicked so hard it threw me straight of at about 70 km/h. Also the forks sit too high up in the stroke which is sort of like trying to hold on to something with only your finger tips instead of your hand if you know what i mean and in turn tend to get a shimmy up even when doing 60km/h or so on asphalt. Very unnerving feeling. Apparently the problem is that there is a big rubber o-ring around the piston in the shock and when it gets hot you get oil blow by therefore reducing the rebound damping and transferring a sometimes very big kick through the bike.

I have just bought an 09 TE 450 in which apparently they did some revisions in the valving of shock but still had the same basic piston problem. I originally was a little bit reluctant to buy the 09 in case it did the same thing as the 08 even though i've been on Huskys for years, (2strokes). I sent the suspension to a guy here in Oz who claimed to able to fix the problem to weave his magic. I got the suspension back last friday and put it back in. MAN this is the most beautiful bike i have ever ridden. Better than the ohlins equipt bikes that i have test ridden in the past. It is like it's on rails and even turns easier than the 02 WR 360 i just got off which was a fair bit lighter you can just hit anything at almost any angle and the bike just goes straight it's amazing. The bike has still only done 80 km and the suspension already feels this good can't wait for it to bed in properly. I have also ordered a scotts steering damper from the states but if i rode the bike before i ordered it i probably wouldn't have. It will obviously make the bike even better but now i don't see it as a necessity like i did with the unmodified 08 it's more a luxury.

What he did was put a steel sealing ring on the shock piston, did a slight re-valve of the shock and forks and set the forks up so they sit between 5 and 10 mm lower in the stroke. This is what he told me he did anyway and some suspension guy on here might say all the above is a load of crap but all i can say is whatever he did i haven't enjoyed riding a bike so much in years and i loved riding before hand. I was also told by another suspension guy who is supposed to be the best in Oz that the shock piston is the problem also but he replaces the standard one with an ohlins piston. The guy who did mine said the piston is every bit as good as an ohlins it just needs the modification done to stop the oil blow by when hot and from how it feels he is on the money. These bikes are just magic when set up so ask some questions and do a bit of research and see if anyone in your area knows how to do the modification it's well worth it.

Also my forks are set up on the second ring from the top just so you know

Thanks for the reply, Yea the bike's power feels amazing i cant wait to get the suspension done. its just a pricey thing to do. im only 150lb's so im a little light for the bike as well.

Slightly off topic I'm also very happy with my 09 450, it pulls hard off idle through the mid range but falls flat up top, will taking out the exhaust bung liven up the top end?

jrmobb how,s your huskys top end does it turn good going up last chance cyn how s the efi going up hills or down vs the 530 ktm

Make sure your rear suspension sack adjustment is setup - too little sack decreases effective rake in the front end.


The bike pulls fine up top, turns fine for me. Its takes a little getting used to the efi going real slow. If u stall it going slow it takes a little to get started like the efi is confused. I just learned to use the clutch more when in doubt on the real slow finger trails.

I went from the very top peak in last chance its like 4800ft to Garlock road like 2k feet in a short time down a very steep hills. Bike felt the same at the top and the bottom

I have a 15t front sprocket

My buddy loved his 530, once he put in the Jd Jet kit he said it came alive. had no problems even up at 5k feet. He is allot better rider than me so he was flying down those hills.

myself and my son are on the fence about buying the 510 or 530 like the efi but not sure if its maped right . highspeed shake parts for the husky the ktm no rear linkage they leak oil an over heat .husky 8000otd ktm 8500otd with 1400 in hard parts

Well this is the wrong thread for those questions but They are both great bikes. You will get more compliments on the husky since there not as popular. The Efi works great and you can search and find most people love it. efi has been around for several years on street bikes so its not a new concept. You better hurry if u want a husky for 8k otd since the huskys for hero's deal end's tomorrow and u have to find a dealer that has one in stock, you cant order it and still get the deal. 8500otd will be very very hard to find for a ktm 530 but who knows you may find one. Im the only one ive heard about having shaking ill will do some adjustments im sure i will fix it. Ktm no linkage is a down side but it doesn't seem to affect ktm's multiple victory's in races.

Either way u will be happy

chris at to yhamha ktm gave 8500 otd with 5.9 four 48 indo husky 8000 otd 4.99 for 48 add 500 for the ex warrenty by the way great fix on the battery hold down

I'm about the same weight as you. We don't make the forks sit down in the stroke enough. Someone who is about 20 kg heavier wouldn't get the front end shake i would say

Did the shake happen at higher speed on smooth terrain? Maybe it's just your wheels aren't balanced. Nearly all dirtbike wheels are not balanced because of the slower speeds.

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