Rehab excercises for Scaphoid

I broke my scaphoid in November of 09 and ended up wearing a cast for 15 weeks until finally go a screw put in there, luckily no bone grapht though. The bone is finally almost healed and the doctor said i can do whatever i want, 8 months later.... I'm going for my first ride back on the 12th:banana: with my new all sport dynamics IMC wrist brace. But my wrist is still very stiff and hurts pretty bad when i try to bend or flex it. The doctor didn't sign me up for any rehab so i was wondering if anyone, including you Dr. Mark, can give me some pointers on some rehab exercises to slowly regain some flexibility and strength in my wrist. I would be forever grateful.

wrist curls and wrist extensions with a two or five pound weight. Actually, just using the wirst for ordinary activities will limber it up.

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