Sunday Supermoto Race Report

June 28, 2009

Miller Motorsports Park

Tooele Utah

Utah State Supermoto Championship Round 4

Round 4 of the Utah State Supermoto Championship was held on June 28. Reigning Champion and current points leader Gauge Rees had 1 goal in mind going into the day. Keep the winning streak alive.

With combined Heats and Mains Gauge rode onto the track with a 20 race win record. After blowing engine seals in the Round 3 Main event he was a little concerned with mechanical issues. The Team had rebuilt the race motor as well as a spare and both were strong.

The track layout was the Star Trek configuration that incorporates both dirt sections. The West being very technical while the East dirt is very flowing.

In practice Gauge was leading the laptimes for the 12 and under class and was beginning to creep into the Adult 160CC Unlimited groups times. Not bad for an 8 year old with a 125 4 stroke.

The green flag dropped on the Heat Race and Gauge jumped out to a good lead in his class. The 12 and under and adult classes are run as a single grid in both the Heat and Main so he was pressing his Pitster Pro X2 against older riders on larger bikes. After gapping second place in his class he began working on the Adult class. He made a great pass on last years 160CC Class Champion and then after a bobble by Joe Brady there was only 1 adult between himself and the overall win. An epic Father and son duel ensued for 3 laps with Gauge taking the Class and overall win by 2/100's of a second.

In the Main Gauge got off to another great start and again gapped second place in his class. He began working on Hooker who was in 3rd for the Adult class when a bobble by Hooker in the dirt nearly took them both out. Lee went down and Gauge rode through. He was making up time on the asphalt section in turn 1. "I just quit using the brakes and trusted my Michelin tires to hold, they did every time!" The gap between himself and Joe Brady was too much to make up but he still came away with the Win for his class and 3rd overall with the adults.

The streak is still alive with 22 consecutive Heat/Main wins!

Thanks to all of Gauges Sponsors who make this all possible: Pro Circuit for the amazing Titanium Exhaust, No Fear for the gear that keeps his skin on, Scorpion Helmets for the best helmets on the planet, Smith Optics for great goggles, for parts and mechanics and Ralph Dunkley Insurance for entry fees.


awsome report. thanks and cool picture also

Why don't you post all the results and lets see how many riders there were total in each class?

Pos No. Name Laps Total time Diff Best time In lap AVG speed

1 1 GAUGE REES 6 14:43.195 2:50.935 6 21.061

2 96 KELLY REES 6 14:43.216 0.021 2:42.775 2 22.116

3 322 JOHNATHAN DINGMAN 6 15:21.501 38.306 3:00.091 6 19.990

4 713 KRISTI HOOKER 6 17:15.968 2:32.773 3:05.122 3 19.447

5 911 JOE BRADY 6 17:31.191 2:47.996 2:51.534 4 20.987

6 6 SETE HENRIE 5 17:31.034 1 Lap 3:26.249 4 17.455

7 100 MCLAREN BUCHANAN 5 19:22.011 1:50.977 4:36.538

so what is the average class size? we might just need to come on out add some motard tires, catch cans, and bring the kids too.

I tried to find more results but looks like there are only one or two riders in each class??

Just depends on the weekend. The first race was 31 degrees so turnout was really low. It snowed. The second one was rained out, the make up for the second was as well. If the Colorado guys come down it's a big turnout.

If theres an MX race alot of guys go there. Doesnt really matter to me either way how many guys are there, you run as fast as you can.

Bring everyone you have.

Next scheduled race is July 12. There might be an added race before then. If there is I'll let you know. We'll see you there....right?

I tried to find more results but looks like there are only one or two riders in each class??

Theres 7 in the results I posted.

always looking for a good race! We have had some good times at Winners this past winter, maybe I can round up some of those guys?

For sure bring that bunch down. They were fun to ride with. Theres video on Gauges website of him whoopin up on those guys I think.

do you know who the kid was that had that set up crf150?? he was there when we went to winners.

Noah Talley. He's racing a 250 out at Miller.

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