1996 Rm 125 lacks power in 1st and 2nd

I bought a 1996 Rm 125.

Has a lack of power band in 1st and 2nd only.

Sometimes it will hit power band but doesn't sound or feel right. Shift into 3rd and can hit power band very easy and feels right.

I replaced the piston ring and measured the bore and piston and both are within spec. Replaced the reed valves and cleaned the carb. Anyone had similar problem?

Sounds like you are probably expecting too much out of the 125, and trying to wring out the gears too long. Try short shifting.

Have you tried adjusting the power valve? It makes a big difference in power delivery.

I tried to adjust the power valve today but it still runs bad. After further testing it seems like it will not hit the power band sometimes in any gear or is off and on with wide open throttle. Part throttle is the same.Third gear and forth is not as bad. The Main jet is 172 and it has a fmf fatty with turbine core 2. I think it might be a carb problem or the power valve governor might not be working proper.

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