Horn issues, SM610

Now I know this is a dumb question, I have searched and cant find anything, or im just blind, one of the two :worthy:

I have searched all over and for the life of me cant find the horn on my 06 SM610

I know its not working, as the press of the button does nothing, so I am trying to track it down to see if its connected / loose wire etc.

Have had the sides off, the headlamp cover off as well, and cant find it

Is there anywhere else it would be hiding, or am I just a blind bugger



have you ever herd the horn on this bike? maybe its not there!

Yeah I have heard they are pretty weak hehe

Wouldnt mind upgrading to that stebel nautilus in the end, that should be pretty loud :worthy:

looking at a fiche, it looks as if it could be under the fuel tank.

It's above the front fender. Take off the fender and headlight, all one piece, to access. The wires always get buggered on mine.


Knew i couldnt find it, have found the wires, but no horn, so I figure its been removed / fallen off.

Time to get a new one.

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