Getting a yz250

A guy wants to trade his 03 yz250 for my 03 yz450.

He says it has only 10-15 hours on top end, but you can never know before you open it.

Is it anything I should check on his bike before we do the trade?

I was planning to take a compression tester with me.

How much compression should a relative fresh 250 have?

Check the sprockets for wear, see if the oil is black which would mean it's dirty or if it is golden which would mean it is clean, check the air filter and air boot to make sure there is no grit, check the wheels for any bearing movement, ask what mix he ran, how often oil was changed, how often air filter was cleaned.

it should have around 150-200 but i would also take a spark tester to check spark to make sure the ignition isnt fixing to go out on it

Got it now, was in way better shape than my old 450.

Got it now, was in way better shape than my old 450.

Good choice, 2 stroke FTW! :worthy:

As I recall, the 2003 YZ250 was an excellent machine, congrats!:worthy:

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