Hyd tensioner saps power

OK guys i have just purchased some sxs bits to upgrade the motor on my 250SXF new flowed head, ti valves and springs, race ignition. I need some advise on the best hi comp piston and if possible a part number for ordering it.

The second point was i spoke to an engine builder the other day who says he has done a lot of KTM engine work and that the hyd tensioner robs the motor of 1-2 hp, replacing it with a manual tensioner although more maintenance gives back a little power. Does anyone have any thoughts on this?

Put a cp piston in it they do some really really good things with pistons. go 13.5:1 and ceramic coat the top. Shoot me a pm if you cant find them local. Replace the stock tensioner with one from Dirt Tricks it requires no maintainance and is not prone to failure like the stock ones.

...the hyd tensioner robs the motor of 1-2 hp...

I'd like to understand the physics behind that one since is doesn't actually consume any of the oil flow. Doesn't it just operate off of oil pressure? If you block off the hole, do you get that HP back? :worthy: Sounds like a lame urban legend, lets call the Myth Busters.

I can't see where or why a hydraulic tensioner would or could rob anything close to 1-2hp?!

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