Best Hare Scramble Bike.....PERIOD!

No choices here. I just want your imput. If you raced South Eastern Hare Scrambles only what bike would you choose and why :)? I am torn between 2 and can't make up my mind! HELP!!!

WR 250 for the money .Its light and it rips.

WR 250 F :D:):D

Hands down, cards on the table. I run a 2000 WR400F converted to a 426 with YZ jetting and cam specs. and I smoke the CR500's, KX500's, KTM's and yes other Yamy riders on desert runs. I feel the WR gearing and the YZ power is the best desert set-up you can get. And yes, a rider is the most important piece of gear. The Japs did their homework on this bike, and it's going to be around for a long time.

For the money, grab a Yamy 4 stroke and do the mods and smile when you come in on the top 3 week after week!

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