ACCT Failure. Just got my 06 WR mods done, out for a test ride and then, clank.

Just picked up an un-moded 06 not to long ago to replace my 03 Wr. Spent the last week modding it, jets, exhaust, air-box, fork seals (were leaking) and general maintenance. Finally got it out for a test yesterday and it was running perfectly. Then coming up a long straight hit the rev limiter once then heard a bad clacking sound. :worthy: I though for sure I had thrown a baring or something. It still ran but I shut it down and pushed it back home 1/2 mile. It turned out to the the cam chain tensioner (acct). The spring was out of the back slot and twisted around backwards. Now I for the life of me can't see how this could fail in this way. I think it came from the factory this way, and they guy that rode it before me never rode it enough or hard enough to cause any issues. Just thought I would share since I haven't seen many reports of acct failures.

Now, does anyone know if I can just get a replacement spring? I can only find the whole assembly.


They are not rebuildable, you have to get a new one.

Either replace the complete assy. or better still, replace with a MCCT.

Either replace the complete assy. or better still, replace with a MCCT.

This is a common mod on the DRZ i used to own, but it doesn't seem like anyone is putting an MCCT in the WRs. Which one do you use, and is it needed as a preventative sort of deal like on the DRZ?

I believe APE sells one.

AFAIK, the Yamaha OEM ACCT is well made. But if I were to replace mine, I'd go to the MCCT. Replace it once and never worry about it again. Plus, it is easier to pull cams with a simply adjusting bolt rather than locking a ACCT in position and messing with it.

in 8.5 years of ownership i've had 1 fail. but it failed once i wound it up to work on the cam/chain.

i took it apart. i think it would take 5 sets of hands to put it back together correctly.

i put in a new one.

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