How many hours... you guys who ride at tracks lay down in one day of practice?

I've found that with these 103 degree days, I ride 3 20 minute Motos and I head home. Winter, I ride a couple hours...

Just seein what everyone else does

Practice opens at 9 and closes at 4... I'll take as many laps during that time as I can, with some breaks for hydration and food. Getting the most of the $ spent to ride a practice.

wow, you guys have some amazing stamina. I go to the gym 3 days a week and do eliptical and stairmaster and I usually go to the track once a week. By the third moto, my quad muscles are shot and so are my forearms, I do ride at an abusive track tho.

For practice i usually run 20 min motos and then stop for 5 minutes in between for water and such. I try to do this for about 3 or 4 hours unless something goes wrong with me or the bike. This kind of practice makes races seem easy to me and i can rider a lot harder!

Don't really race too much MX, but for training - if we are at a track we run 40 minutes - break - 40 minutes - break - 40 minutes.

If we are training on trails, we will ride for about 60 min - break - 90 minutes - Done.

Its' tough, but with 2/2.5 hour races, your gotta be able to finish....

i try to get the most out of my dollar when i go to tracks.. so i say i do as many 15 min motos as i can which is sometimes 5-7.. before i get really tierd. then i come back in and rest for a few and head back out to practice on certain skills like corners or braking.

Last year I did only practice. I would do a sight lap and 3 fast laps, take a break, then do it over and over (maybe 12 very short motos). Then I started racing this year, and really push my practice moto length. I did a full 30+2 length practice moto a few weeks ago. Usually where I go practice it is broken up by class, so it is between 4 laps and 20 minutes max. I run an many as possible.

My buddy will go out and ride from 9-4 and actually does more sitting around than anything. I just feel like I'll do my Motos and go to the house. Within the last few years, I have realized that the longer I stay out at the track, the more likely something bad will happen towards the end of the day.

It really depends on the track. One track here I can go out and ride for 20-30 min blasts with short rests between sessions. Another track I go 4 laps and need a 30 minute rest.

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