09 Sumo

Just about finished up with my '09 motard project. Waiting on the Baja Designs kit so I can plate it. Took it out to ECR this w/e and did a few session on it. ECR isn't a very tard friendly track but still had fun with it. With the bigger 2.7 gallon tank on it I was able to do a 45 minute session without running out of gas.



looks great! are those the stock wheels? what did you do to the motor? gearing?

Behr wheels with Rad 2 piece hubs. the wheels were originally on my DRZ400 E. Got a PC V but haven't had it out to the tuners yet to get a custom map. Gearing is one up in the front 2 down in the rear.

Aww what did you do with the green hubs?!?! haha

Aww what did you do with the green hubs?!?! haha

They're still on the 19"/21" wheels. :worthy:

That thing looks great. Good job:thumbsup:

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