Snowshoe 09

I can honestly say, i have seen deer and other animals while racing but i have never come close to hitting them. Josh Strang straight up plowed a deer on his 4th lap. I can understand the leaders getting close on the first lap but the 4th. usually all animals are long gone at that point. Really tough situation but i guess that is off-road for you. Anybody ever had any similar situations?

We ride a lot of single track where I live in WV and it happens here, too! I've seen deer run across the trail and actually ran over a chip munk!

The deer at snowshoe are almost tame enough to feed by hand. They are used to people, snow machines and mountain bikes. It probably wasnt that startled by all the bikes.

I know people to have hit wild pigs racing enduros and come out with a broken collar.

A family member also had their car written off when they hit a deer at about 30mph. So if Strang is not injured after hitting a deer he is very lucky indeed.

Is Strang alright?

still finished 6th.

Does anyone know what happened to Thad Duvall?

if i heard right, something happened to his throttle. thats second hand info so dont take my word on it! i know i didnt see him go by but once.

I came across 2 moose riding in the winter, that was scary and exciting at the same time!!!

It's "moose." :worthy: I do not ride my bike in the winter as I have a snowmobile, but I have had a lot of close calls with them on sleds...sometimes they stand in the trail and won't move, so you have to try to make a run by them. They panic and will turn into you, but I don't think they are trying to hurt you.

I've come close riding on my own property, probably ten feet in front of me. I locked up my brakes just in case but I doubt I would have hit it.

I did hit a chipmunk the other day riding down my driveway, I didn't see it but my dad did. Poor little guy :worthy:

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