144sx base jetting at 700ft

Does anyone have a some good base jetting for a 03 125sx with a 144kit installed.?? I have done lots of work for this guy owning this bike. Fresh piston and rings , new clutch, and new carburator. Needle and seat seat was done. Anyways when I receive the new carb it had the same jets in it as the original carb. This is a new 125sx carb from ktm. So my question is ... if this bike was running with a 144kit in it with the same jetting as a new 125sx carb from ktm. Either the 125 bore would be extremely rich or this 144 is so lean , its going to blow up. As another note.. this bike runs excellent with a slight problem with top end power. The exhust valve was rebuilt by KTM dealer and still no top end. Runs like a perfectly running xr200. Not sure what to make of it. I thought this thing would have some Jam to it. Not so. It will barely lift the front wheel in first gear.?? Idon't know...please help. Like I said...it runs great idles great...no bog or hesitation.

ok power valve was hung up front installation...fixed that...Wow lots of power now.....But will it blow up now with these jets.????

pull the plug after running it wideopen in like 3rd gear. wind out third or fourth and pull the clutch and hit the kill button and coast to a stop. if the plugs white or new lookin its too lean if black too rich. ideal is beer bottle color. id try 15 and 25 over the stock main . if its a 250 main id go 270 and 280

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