Namura big bore

It is Taiwanese from what I understand, but not all of the stuff from there is junk...some of it is nice. Read on here that a few people had them..but couldn't find the long term report. The price is great, curious how they are working out long term.

i built a 470 using one with the warning that if there is a issue hes on his own.

the cylinder looked very good.the piston wasnt as high qaulity looking as a JE and was cast. that deosnt mean its bad.

as far as i know the bike is still running well.but its only been a month or so.

I have a Namura 94mm cylinder , i bought the kit with the JE piston and cometic gaskets , i have it on the bike about 3000kms , everything is perfect at this moment !

What is the price difference in what Smias did and a CylinderWorks kit? I hope to go 440 in the next month

I bought the kit from a eBay store for $398.99 +$45 for shipping to Greece but for US is free .

I see that the kit price in auction starts at $392.99 and $398.99 for buy it now .

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