Sprocket Shaft Seal

I have an 2001 XR650 that I ride the hell out of. I blew the shaft seal out of it a few months ago when I was riding through some tall grass. It got a bunch all wrapped around the chain and gouged it out. I had it replaced and since then I have ridden it a couple times on the trail, and one rough weekend at the dunes. I just had it back out to the farm and was riding it around and the seal blew out again. I have not torn it down yet but I am just wondering. Is this normal for 650's to have them go out this often? Could the sand have made it wear prematurely?

Second question: How hard is it to do? I had the shop do it last time because I don't know a whole lot about the four strokes just yet. I have re-built many CR500's and CR250's. I just don't want to screw with this thing because of how reliable it is.

I looks like you just take the sprocket off and swap out the seals?

Any help is greatly appreciated.

I'd take it back to the shop since they did it last. You would think the seal would be more reliable than that.

What 650 you got? R or L ? If its a R then how much oil you put in has known to be a cause of that seal having issues

countershaft seal is pull and replace, dont need to tear case down, very simple, just be careful when pulling old seal out not to knick the case.

I expect by "Blew out" you mean it started leaking. If it had totally blown out of the casing then somethings seriously amiss. Must be a hell of a lot more oil in there than theirs supposed to be to cause that,. To be honest if their was too much oil in the bike in my experience the first place it starts comng out is the overflow tube up by the gas tank.

Leaking bad, all over the chain, drops out of the bike as I pushed it into the shop. I bought a new one and will just do it myself this time. I have heard not a lot of good things about where I took it too.

It is the R.

I really, really like to wheelie this thing at high speeds, you guys talk about blowing oil out of the seal, tell me that this could not be caused by that.

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