just another knee question dr mark

I had a pretty weird accident on Saturday morning. Here's the story

I was on my pitbike, and I was doubling into a whoops section at a track in New York. I hit the second set of doubles and my front end cut to the right, making me about to eat complete crap. So, me being the blonde that I am, I put my right leg out to save me from hitting the little kid next to me. Bad move! I both heard and felt my knee pop.

I bee lined for the camper, and toppled off the bike, and pulled my gear off. my right knee was swollen on the inside of it and then the outside. Funny thing is - I can walk on it, I can bend it a little bit, but I can't bend it past a 90 degree angle. I can't straighten it completely either.

It feels extremely weak, like things are pulling and pushing against each other and grinding on each other.

We went to the ER on the way home, they said they think my knee cap may have dislocated and then popped back in, and I should be fine. It seems to be getting worse :/ The pain is the greatest when I try to bend it past a 90.

Any idea? Thank you Dr. Mark

Sounds like a torn ACL...

ACL, and/or meniscus.

Get an MRI

Great, that's what we've been fearing. Would I still be able to walk on it if it's a torn acl/mcl? I can walk on it fine, if I keep it in the same position ( slightly bent )

Yes you would

craaap. well thanks for the help guys. i'm going in to the orthopedic tomorrow morning bright and early.

one last thing Dr mark

should i continue to use crutches and wear my knee immobilizer?

see the ortho first and tell me what he says.

well i meant for tonight. im going out for a bit and im not quite sure if i should be walking on it or not. i'm not going to the ortho til tomorrow morning

went to the orthopedist today - he diagnosed me with a torn acl and a grade 2 torn mcl. he diagnosed it without an mri, i guess its bad :/

Hey man, that stinks but it can all be fixed/healed. You will be back to riding again, so be happy about that. Plus youre young and will heal quickly. My two acl surgerys have gone quite well and you are younger than me. Just kick butt in physical therapy and all should go well.

The orthopedist said we're gonna try a couple weeks of therapy and if it doesnt work than go under the knife. I've never heard of an ACL being healed with therapy alone. Hopefully it works :/

Got the MRI results - my MCL and meniscus are good, my ACL is torn.

Dr Mark -

This incident happened Saturday June 27. I can already walk, bear weight on my leg, do a leg press, and sometimes run with no pain at all. My range of motion is just shy of a full range.

I have 4 races left in the pit bike series I run, I have won every round so far. Do you think in your honest opinion, that it would be a dumb idea to run the last 4 races, and then get the surgery?

Its only a dumb idea if an injury occurs that will lead to the loss of a meniscus or arthicular cartlage. The the trail of tears will start.

I had the exact same thing happen to me. You can do all of that without an ACL... but any sports where you move sideways fast you can't do. I'm going in thursday to have mine fixed.

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