used bike dealers ontario

Hey guys, I barely ever ride my bike so I've been thinking about selling it. I'd rather sell it to a dealer for cheap to avoid hassles, tire kickers, etc. Does anyone know of a dealer that just buys bikes (as opposed to trade-ins)? I'm around Toronto, but southern ontario is fine. Thanks

Sell it cheap enough, I'll buy it and save you the hassles:ride:

Dealer will give you half of what it is worth - how much you looking to get for it and what is it?

it's an 04 RMZ250. I've had it for just over 2 years (bought from a dealer in southern ontario), but I barely ever ride it. If I can get high 2's I'll sell it, otherwise I'll keep it. Already losing a lot of money if I sell in the high 2's.

Sounds about right price wise - craigslist or Kijiji it for a bit but DON'T sell it to a dealer - they'll offer you two at best.

Power wash it, clean it up good, and post it on Kijiji Toronto, regardless where you live since toronto section gets most exposure also post it in as many places as possible that are near you. I am sure youll get a few bites asking for 3000 or something.

thanks guys!

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