How many hours on your ktm?????

hey guys i was just wondering who has the most hour on there ktm, i currently have 206 hours on my 07. NEVER BEEN APARThow long do these motors go befor they need to be rebuilt. i runs great and does not burn oil or lack power, oil is changed every 15 hours. air filter every ride, and valves checked every 25 hours. so if i could get some input it would be great. just nervous on how long i should wait befro i tear it down.



You need to use the search function. That question has been asked and answered a million times over.

Good luck,

btw mine has well over 200. Maybe 300 and has been rebuilt once due to a hydrolock in a river by the previous owner.

hard to say, a lot depends on maintaINCE state of tune etc, i have close to 400 on my 04, never been apart either, runs like a top too.


06 exc 240 hours.. reg maint schedule

100+ hours on my 08 505 and still goes as hard and is as crisp as the day i bought it, i have never checked valves and never had the motor looked at, it is just perfect. oils oil filter and air filter every ride, i only ride trails.

thanks, wow 400 hours is alot, yeah mine still runs and goes like the day i bought it. wonder who has the most hours on her??? so far 400 is the most i have seen:ride:

Run it until it blows. Then you will know. YOu will be waiting along time for that if you keep up your maintenance.

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