I feel I must confess as Yamakaze did...

I too was walking though the mall last night (sorry) and as I was passing the Gazooks or Gadzooks store I remembered Yamakaze talking about the FMF jersey he got so cheap. So of course I had to go in to check it out and he's right!!!!

I got a KILLER black/yellow FMF riding jersey for $12.00

Guys, this is your chance. Go up to your woman tonight and go "baby, you've been treating me so right latley I want to take you to the mall". While she is in hog heaven, (and you are thinking you are gonna score later in the evening) run over to Gadzooks and score on this killer deal.

I know what your thinking, "If I take my wife/gf to the mall she will rack up so much on the credit cards it will destroy my whole profit margin." Right?

Well, your on your own there....

[ September 14, 2002, 10:45 AM: Message edited by: MOmilkman ]

I got one too... They had tons of riding jerzees from Fox but they were all the wrong colors - orange and stuff.

12.00 bucks ain't bad. Not a bad store for eye candy either...

When I first read Yamakazi's post, I ran right up to Gadzooks and pick up 2 FMF jerseys for me and 2 for my friend. On my way to checkout, I noticed the sign above the rack said "Buy 2- get 1 free" Not bad.. Paid 19 bucks each for $50 race jerseys, and got 1 free for me and my friend. Thanks Kazi..good heads up!

Look what you guy's have done to me ,now i've gotta go to the freakin mall.It wouldn't be so bad if i were by myself but i'll never get the lil women outa there,maybe i should go during the week after work.

I was looking for jerseys on the net for cheap. I found some AXO's on Bob's cycle supply web site for $19 plus shipping. (polyester type jersey)Anyhow, I shyed away from the shipping. I went to my local Honda/Yamaha dealer and caught a sale. Thor phase 3 poly jerseys for $16... even my XXL size. Black, blue, yellow, orange or red. Pants for $47... unbelievable. I don't know how much it is to ship them but I could get some for ya'. They still have quite a bit left. :)

Darin.....You talk more $hit than a scuba diver for roto-rooter..... :)

$12 bucks you say......Mabe I'll send my daughter back during the week.....

Bonzai :D


Which shop are you referring to? I'm interested.

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