2001 yz80 forks BROKE MY DAMPENING ROD

The girlfriend has a 2001 yz80 and when i went to replace the fork seal on the left side some clown had cross threaded the cap onto the dampening rod. I tried to remove the lock nut from the rod after removing the cap and the threads were all banged up an it snapped about 3/4 of an inch off the dampening rod. Can i replace the dampening rod myself? Where can i get a new cap and rod? And how much?

Thanks for the help

FYI i checked ebay and found no used forks or really anything for that matter.:worthy:

The cap you can get from us or from the dealer.

About $49.

Dealer may be less.

The rod cannot be had without getting the complete cartridge, that is for the 01. The 02 and up is a different story.

That said, most KYB rods that I have worked with can be welded and recut, unlike the SHOWA rods.

Judson, I replied to your e-mail. Let me know if you didn't get it.

Thanks for the help! If i get a set of 02 or newer forks will they fit inside my clamps and will the bolts line up correctly for the front brake?

Like I said in my e-mail, they're all the same.

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