Street legal DRZ 110 in cali?

Hi i was just wondering if it is possible to make my bike street legal. Its an 04 drz 110 i want to make it street legal really bad but dont know about how to do it other than a lights a blinker kit, im just not sure about the dmv inspection?


I'm pretty sure that CA dmv is not registering any non street legal bikes that weren't already street legal. If I'm not mistaken 2002 was the cutoff. I too would like to make it street legal.

Its weird tho because you go on the net and other people have drz 110 or klx and they have them so they are street legal in cali.

if it as doable i'd be all over it

It is possible to still make them street legal. Check out Planet Mini's. There is a guy on there who can help you out. I believe his name is 'pimpindahoes'

I just picked up my 03 KLX110 street legal from another guy down in orange county. Super fun to ride around a mini dirt bike on the streets on cali.

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