2006 CRF250R stall and restart problem

My 06 is a bear to start after I stall it in the woods. My buddy has the same bike and the same problem. It seems like if it doesnt start on the first kick after it stalls it takes like 10 min to start back up. Anyone know anything about this?

my 04 is hard to start on a stall also.

Its mostly about technique I find. Had the same problem with my 07. My technique is:

Put in neutral.

Put on hot start

kick over slowly to find TDC

One good clean kick

This technique used to work 90% of the time but to make it start first time every-time i fitted a merge adjustable leakjet and a flywheel weight.

Sadly both at the same time so I am not sure which one helps the most sorry. But the weight is an awesome mod for woods riding and the leakjet did help sort out the jetting.

Hope this helps

yeah I just dont understand what the problem is.... I mean its nit like the bikes are beat down or anything.. seems as though they should start right up. anyone else having the same problems?

Well providing your valves are within spec, the valve seats are in good condition and the jetting is right. The bike should start easy enough. These are obvious areas to investigate but i would imagine you have already looked into these areas.

Hope this helps!

Scott what size weight did you use. Want to put one on 06 250 for the woods. Tks. Slim

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