06 kx250f suspension setup

I have a 06 kx250f that has been revalved by Privateer Connection last year(a shop out of Rock Hill SC).

Im 6 foot 2 and 185 pounds, i had it ravalved for 190 without gear.

My setting right now( i know the shock is wrong but its realllllllly stiff).


compression 11(now 9)

rebound 10


high speed 15

low speed 3.5

rebound 9



The bike still has stock springs, im confused with my setup becasue the front is so soft but the rear is still really hard.

I was told by my friends mechanic (he used to be a pro mechanic for josh tarintino) that the fork springs had finally "settled", i am confused because i dont think the springs would wear out like that because even at 9 clicks out on the compression the front end still dives in corners.

Im just trying to figure out if i need new fork springs because i think im gonna get it revalved again by full-travel innovations(even though i dont wanna spend $400 after i spent $300 last fall:banghead:)

Any settings help would be very helpfull.:worthy:

ps the mechanic also said that my revalve was wrong because i wasnt in the midrange of the clickers?????

Hey chuck haha

I think its only been about 20 hours of ride since the revalve, but it started acting kinda weird about 10 hours ago. I was gonna give you a call i was just gonna see if i could get some help on here first.The shock has always been a little stiff but i didnt really notice it until a few months ago because my riding form got better lol

Ok sounds good, whats your number again i lost your card:bonk: .

Even though its only been about 20 hours ill probably go ahead and get the oil changed and then we can probably find out why the forks are so soft and why the shock is so stiff.

i recommend 25 hours on a fork between services, so i would get it done.

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