sun star sprockets

does any body know if the 1990 kdx200 came with sun star sprockets,

and does any body know what the stock gearing was

cuz my bike has go 13-48 idk if that is goood for trails

Don't think they came with Sunstars OEM, somebody has undoubtably put them on there. 13/48 should work good in the woods, my '04 comes stock with a 13/47 and that's what I put back on it. At least in my neighborhood I've not needed a deeper gear.:worthy:

Actually most Japanese bikes I've seen come with Sunstar sprockets stock.

is 13-48 a more top end? i am looking for the best in between, should i go to 49t

is 13-48 a more top end? i am looking for the best in between, should i go to 49t

The larger your rear sprocket, the less top end you'll have. With a 49t you'll loose more top end but gain more low gear climbing ability. As I said, mine is geared 13-47 and has plenty of low end gearing with the KDX's very low first gear. Unless your climbing very steep, gnarly, mountainous terrain I personally wouldn't go bigger than the 48.

ok, thank you very much, ive never rode mine yet

i guess im stuck thiinking im still on a ttr125

No sir, that ain't a TTR125.:lol:

A good running KDX will flat rip compared to a TTR125. Things are tight, rocky, and technical in the Missouri hills and the KDX with the stock gearing goes up and over anything here . Will crawl along at a fast walking pace, or run a fire road at a speed way faster than you'd want to fall off of at.

Great bikes, your gonna love it.:worthy:

thankks i cannot wait to get my crank rebuilt and take it for a ride:)

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