2001 WRF250 Carb????

Hey all, so I have my hands on the above mentioned bike but it's carb is messed. The splash collar in the "bowl" portion is broken, and the carb is most likely dried right out as it sat empty for a year or two. It only has 300 miles on the bike, and the bike is great shape except the carb. The PO basically had issues with the carb and then put it away back in the corner of the garage; the carb would just keep draining gas out of the overflows. Appearently a new carb is 2g's :worthy: So I can't afford to go that route. Is there another carb I can buy cheaper in case this one isn't salvagable?

That splash collar is also backordered to hell, so I am in a tight spot. Is it worth it to fix this carb or buy a different carb and try to set it up? Any help is greatly appreciated.

ebay. But usually you can get the carb to fix it self. get a rebuild kit and rebuild that old carb.

They don't sell rebuild kits....... It's a piece by piece purchase!. I wish it was that easy. I was hoping any of you guys might have some info on where to get parts, or know anything about the carb or it's issues.

OH and I forgot the main question I wanted to know. The carb has a "plate" splash collar, on the schemetics for the carb it's clled a plate, it's in the bowl. I wanted to know if the bike can be run without this piece? It goes around the main and slow jets.

Sudco has rebuild kits and has the collar. Give them a call

Sudco has rebuild kits and has the collar. Give them a call

I'm in Canada, you wouldn't have a link? or info?

Thanks ..

Thanks. I got the bike running, but unfortunately it won't idle right. It does for a few seconds then dies. OR, I have to turn the idle up to high. So now I gota figure out what the fook is going on! I cleaned the needle and pilot, new collar(plate), seat. But I am thinking cause it was so messed up inside with that green fungus stuff, I might be getting some residule issues. I am going to run some seafoam and see if that helps. But the bike did seem to run pretty hot... fast. Hmm... Anyone have any idea's? I think no matter what I am going to have to get the rebuild kit. But I am pretty close, it is still occasionally dripping from the bowl drain, even though the screw is tight... Hmm. Head skratcher for me.

Thanks again for any help..

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