Yes another Chain Link Question

OK this is my first change from standard as far as the sprockets.

2004 DRZ400S

Sprockets have been changed from stock to 15/38 for an extended long freeway excursion trip. Since I went down 2 in the Rear am I Correct in assuming I can use 110 links. Where can I find or how do I find a formula that will allow me to do these converstion on my own.

Can someone let me know the proper link count for this ratio?



Yes, you will want 110 links for that.... heck maybe 108???

How many links on a DRZ-SM with standard gearing 15/41?

110 is standard SM

110 is standard SM

Thanks Regal, you know for a guy with an avatar of a guy with pink hair/shirt, you're not all that bad. :worthy:

Regalman Thank you

Does anyone know a proper formula that can be used to identify the proper link count for sproket changes?

This is my first motorcycle and I have read alot about what the stock chain length is but I have not found anything pertaining to a rick solid formula that would allow someone to equate the link changes to odd sizing? Is it really a trial and error method?

Yes, chains are cut by links of 2... so your options are 112, 110, 108. Cut to 110 and try it, if its too long, go to 108.

The only way to know for sure is to try to put the chain on the bike. If it is too loose, then take another two links off.



I know this may seem obvious, but...

When you remove the "two" links, one will be replaced by the master.

Remember to adjust your new chain after a short break in cycle. A friend of mine slipped his ( low speed thankfully ) after @ 100 miles of break in. He didn't replace his sprockets, and that may have had something to do with it, but just check it as part of your daily walk around.

Agreed. I do that routine everytime I ride. Just a quick check of the basics will keep things in good shape. Unfortunately, I have learned many things the hard way just from straight nievity.

Well I did attempt to put the chain on last night. Well the chain is old and I need a new one. Regalman you were right on. 110 links do work and leave room for adjustment.

Thanks to all.


110 links works for you using 15/38? thats weird. 110 for me using 15/39 i pretty much had no more rear adjustment. had to go to 108.

I run a 108 link chain with my 15/38 and I have a master link in there:thumbsup: Not one problem...well I can't put a 41 back on but oh well.:worthy:

I went out and recounted. OOPS I guess basic math isn't part of my makeup today. Yes it is 108 + master link just like DEBI. I will be interested how this bike drives with this tall of gearing for my trip from Vancouver to Mccall!! Thanks to all


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