2t more $ than 4t?

Hillsboro Motosport have a new 07 kx250 for $56 and are selling new 08 rmz 450's for $5. what gives?

Are 2t's the it thing now? How does a bike that hasn't received any real updates other than BNG since around 04 or so, sell for more than a modern whiz bang superduper efi 450 ?

Is the high cost of thumper ownership to blame?

2-stroke Kawasaki aren't in production any more. The 450s are so that is just an old bike instead of the last.

Anywho, I'll take all of em :worthy: nothing like a 5 dollar bike.

That is kind of wierd. Are they both stock? Often times I've noticed a certain model will come with mods like Brembo brakes and Excel rims, though that seems to be mostly KTM.

same with yamis. when i was looking late winter they had deals galore on 08 450s. however, they had 250ts going back to 06 which were still listed at MSRP.

$56?? $5???

The guys are hillsboro are smokin that crack again.. Or maybe it was you? Either way I can't make any sense of the post.

5600. 5000

i wonder if the manufacturers are having them sell the 4 strokes cheaper so they dont get out sold by out dated two strokes.......its a conspiracy :worthy:

It's called supply & demand.

Not too mention 2 strokes are sooo much better than a 4 pooper ;p

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