Blinker Problems XR600R

I inherited a 98 XR600R after a friend's death and I am trying to get it street legal. It came with a BD kit but I am having problems with it. I replaced the battery since it had not be used in over 2 years at the recommendation of BD but that did not solve the problem.

The problem: When I turn on the turn signal (either direction) all the lights pulse. Also the tail light blinks instead of staying solid. I don't know if there is suppose to be any light from the tail light when not braking but there is none.

I am going to start checking all the wiring this week but since I am a complete Newbie I thought I'd solicit some advice from the pros!

An suggestions of what to look for would be very helpful.


you know i had a problem with blinkers and mine was a bit different but i wonder about a short somewhere since you said tail light flashes, maybe not though, but a surge in power could cause the other lights to flicker with low batt power. are you checking it while off or running? Wonder about the flasher unit, mine was needing replaced cus it was blinking faster as the engine revved up, had to change to one for led lights, your regular lights or leds?

KENSO is pretty good with electrical wiring, hopefully hell chime in when hes done doing the silly stuff he does in TEXAS.

I'm not familiar with the BD kit, but the lights all blinking sounds like a bad ground. My wife has wiped out enough trailer lights, which I end up replacing, to help qualify my guess.


The batter is small and the stator doesn't put out anything at idle so expect some dimming and pulsation. That said the lights should still work. I'm with the others that a poor connection somewhere is to blame. I've had a lot of these kind of issues over the years with my bike. Go through the wiring and makes sure all the connections are in good shape. Most of my problems were with all the connections under the seat.

Yep..Somethings wired up wrong. Under the seat or back of the Headlight are the areas to be checking.

Thanks to all! I really appreciate it. I have a strong feeling my friend installed it himself which is pretty funny. He was no mechanical (or electrical) genius but neither am I so it should be interesting. I will keep you guys posted.

Thanks again.

I just got mine back on the road after the short I had found after replacing the failed BD on switch.

Inspect the front harness conector under the headlight housing as well.

On the OEM side of the connector - the leads are loose from the connector pins?

My short was the red wires poorly crimp assembled in Japan.

Good luck.

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