New Sxf 250 Mp Design....

check it out....








sick looking bike man . that musta cost some money :worthy: It is in Mint shape also ... go get that dirty now .. braaaapp:ride:

That is one B.A looking bike!

Sweet look mate!

Sick looking bike

Like everything except the front plate :worthy:


Very Pretty! And I like the front plate, it has that 80's retro vibe while being modern at the same time.

Love the "Moser Energy" on the rear fender. Creative and better than Monster being plastered everywhere. :worthy:

Awesome. Now all you need is a Leo Vince exhaust and to anodize the triple clamps the same blue as on the graphics.

Just a quick shop.


Sooo sick:worthy:

Thats probably the sickest KTM I've seen, and that would look good with that Leo Vince for sure.

those stripper girls are way overdone. i think it looks bro/trashy. other than that i love the graphics.

+1 on the Leo Vince, awesome bike regardless

that stipper makes the bike it wouldnt look as good without it...... shes just the perfect size..... it doesnt overdew the graphics at all it just perfect

nice bike.. i like the white and blue ktms

looks like a trailer queen

moser energy, I love that stuff

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